DevOps/Configuration Management Engineer

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DevOps/Configuration Management Engineer Fast growing company has an immediate need for a DevOps Engineer. This is a critical operations role, as you will handle the growth of the company's core system architecture and scale the Back End. They need a person who puts a focus on up-time, speed, and reliability, and has hands-on experience in a high availability production web environment. You will have an immediate and continuous impact as you take on large scale challenges of current systems as well as designing and building new solutions. Our client is a well-funded start-up (funded by one of the largest companies in Atlanta) technology company in Atlanta focused on helping marketplace participants identify, communicate and transact with trading partners. The business will leverage technologies, capabilities and assets from the wholesale and retail segments to help customers to find what they need and to trade more efficiently and effectively than would otherwise be possible. Responsibilities: Work closely with developers to build high performance, highly-available systems Analyze and strengthen existing infrastructure to minimize downtime and response times. Build new systems for emerging products REQUIREMENTS - 5 years experience running production web systems in varied deployment environments - 2 years Linux and other UNIX-based environments - Experienced with large Internet apps and was intimately involved with the scaling and performance challenges. - Experience with Amazon Web
(AWS) - Experience working in a high availability web production environment - Experience with Configuration Management and Architecture (Puppet or Chef) - OR someone that has done Ruby dev (3 yrs exp), wants to learn Configuration Management and Architecture. (Preferences for programming experience with RoR or JSRuby/Rails) - Multiple SQL/NoSQL datastores - You've "carried the pager" before (ideally at both a startup and a large infrastructure provider) and have first-hand experience with what happens when infrastructure/tools fail. - You work well independently and are confident setting the standards. - Knows why and how to test monitors. Search Tags: Configuration Management, Puppet, Chef, Development Operations, Application Support, Cloud, DevOps, Ruby, Amazon, EC2, Slicehost, Rackspace, Engine Yard, Rightscale, Cloudcake, OpsCode, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, mobile, iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails, Devops, Agile, AWS, Chef, Puppet, Linux, Chef, Devops Engineer, DevOps, Scrum, Iterative development, datacenter, Chief engineer, Flickr, continuous deployment, Agile, DevOps, IT Operations MYK62683JR

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