Integration/Interface Cache C# Engineer

Company Name:
Duration: 10 months
Job Description: Minimal work direction needed, highly skilled and knowledgeable to the position and provides best practicing sharing within work group. Integration/Interface Cache C# Engineer. Establish integration between disparate health care systems to facilitate data movement. Preferred experience with Ensemble and Cache programming language. Plans, designs, develops, codes and tests Cache productions to be accessed from .NET SOA web application. Responsibilities: Revises and refines Cache productions as required. Responsible for developing and testing data transformations routines in Cache or C# to support Health Care Data Analysis application. Develop C# routines and functions for data validation or transformations not implemented in Cache. Participates in the devising of project timelines, implementation design specifications, system flow diagrams and documentation. Develops and maintains operational and system level documentation for use by I&T and Support teams. Must be able to apply SDLC concepts and have a proven track record of delivering solid, robust interfaces.
Required Experience:
Bachelor's degree
2 years experience with Ensemble interface engine with Cache programming language or equivalent interface engine
2 years experience using C# or .NET in SOA environment
2 years experience of OOP
Preferred Experience:
Understanding of creating and configuring automated interfaces using Cache in InterSystems' Ensemble integration engine a plus.
Data mapping in Ensemble interface engine from industry standard formats such as HL7 and X.12 837 as well as flat file formats.
Experience with healthcare related data (claims and billing, healthcare informatics, inpatient and outpatient data) and HIPAA requirements preferred
Team player yet able to function independently with minimal supervision.
Highly organized and able to create repeatable processes that are error-proof and fully documented.
Experience with process automation using C#
Excellent problem solving, data collection and analytic skills. Ability to identify data anomalies and suggest corrective courses of action.
Use of Microsoft Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server within an Agile development environment a plus.
Demonstrated technical skills with sound oral and written technical communications
Able to communicate effectively to non-technical audience both verbally and written
Demonstrate ability to research relevant topics and develop work plans
Participate in required and recommended educational and training opportunities

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