Ruby on Rails Software Developer

Company Name:
Ruby on Rails Software Developer PeopleSourcer does not use third parties. All candidates must be local GA residents to be considered for this position Position Description: Web application software engineer working on a multi-platform entertainment brand focused on health and wellness that integrates digital content and linear cable television with technology including mobile apps, live
and social media to create a robust healthy living destination for consumers and advertisers. We are using agile development, pair programming, test driven development, continuous integration, daily deploys, Ruby on Rails, GitHub,other open source software, Chef, cloud serving, and hosted
to deliver a modern heath and wellness desktop and mobile experience. We are looking for people who are passionate about test driven, maintainable application development. DUTIES: Deliver cutting edge mobile and desktop web experiences using Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, RSpec, Capybara and many other open source technologies. Produce high quality code. Maintain high quality and test coverage while adding new functionality. Work in an agile, pair programming environment. Research and champion new technologies and frameworks. Mentor other developers on technical issues and modern web development best practices. Perform related duties as are required. Qualifications: . 3 years experience developing dynamic web applications. . 1 years Ruby on Rails experience. . Experience with web technologies such as HTTP and HTML, AJAX, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. . Experience supporting modern as well as Legacy browsers. . Experience with a dynamic web Server Side language such as Ruby, PHP, JSP, Perl, or Python. . Ability to use a source control systems such as GIT, SVN, or CVS . Knowledge of Object Oriented Design and programming. MYK62683JR

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