Principal-Multiple Openings at Elementary, Middle and High School for Atlanta Public Schools

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Atlanta Public Schools

Inman Middle School Requisition # 1403379

Located in the heart of the historic Virginia-Highland neighborhood, Inman Middle School has a strong history of high performing students prepared for Grady High School. Five elementary schools currently feed into Inman; Centennial, Hope/Hill, Mary Lin, Springdale Park and Morningside. Approximately a thousand students at Inman are guided at every level to meet new challenges, and the diverse student body and staff work to achieve new levels of understanding and cohesion. Inman prides itself in being an in-town school that mirrors society in a spirit of cooperation and shared vision. The PTA and LSC are extremely active and a great support in ensuring parental and
involvement and support.

Inman Middle School is a high performing Title I schol with a primary focus on academics. Teachers implement the Common Core curriculum and state standards and meet on a weekly basis to collaboratively plan instruction. Inman's curriculum is enhanced with
such as Spanish, French, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Art, Theatre Arts, Physical
and Health. The academic day expands to the plethora of extra curricular activities to include a variety of sports (soccer, football, basketball, cheerleading, ultimate Frisbee, lacrosse, track, volleyball etc.). Students also engage in a rich assortment of clubs that include debate, robotics, photography, drama, and jazz band just to name a few

South Atlanta School of Health and Medical Science- Requisition # 1403465

South Atlanta School of Health and Medical Science is one of the small schools at the South Atlanta Educational Complex. The School of Health and Medical
is committed to preparing students for immediate entry into the workforce in the careers of health sciences, biotechnology, and biomedical and scientific research. The students at the South Atlanta School of Health and Medical Science will be provide with the best education toward achieving their goals which will lead to excellent citizens in our next generation.

South Atlanta School of
Animation and Design- Requisition # 1403467

South Atlanta School of Computer Animation and Design is one of the small schools at the South Atlanta Educational Complex. At the School of Computer Animation and Design, students explore some of the most exciting careers of the 21st century. Students are exposed to a college-prepatory curriculum which is complete with Honors and Advanced Placement courses. The school is equipped with the latest technological resources, allowing students to have hands-on training in claymation and stop motion film production, computer-aided product design, sound mixing and more.

Brandon Elementary School Requisition # 1403470

Morris Brandon Elementary School, located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, prides itself as a neighborhood school with a strong tradition of academic excellence and student success. The students' test scores rank consistently among the top elementary schools in the state of

Morris Brandon is also an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, offering the highly respected Primary Years Program. It is the intent of the school personnel to deliver the very best instruction program possible to the students. As such, the curriculum is extensive, including effective student assistance programs, tutoring, and a variety of enrichment opportunities. The students continue to achieve at high levels and make significant contributions to our school community. Just as important as academic excellence, a heavy emphasis is placed on citizenship, character development and international-mindedness, as evidence through

Carver School of Technology- Requisition # 1403464

Carver School of Technology is a part of the New Schools at Carver. The Carver School of Technology focuses on preparing students for college with an emphasis on 21st century digital literacy skills. Each class in the School of Technology is a blended course (online and instructor-led.) Students will explore existing and future technologies in an effort to improve or solve real-world problems.

Mays High School- Requisition #1403468

Benjamin Elijah Mays High School is the flagship institution in the City of Atlanta Public School System. Named in honor of Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, a humanitarian and international pioneer, our academic foundation and world class athletic program is as solid as the rock of Gibraltar.

Our learning structure is built on the premise that smaller is better. Therefore, we currently serve approximately 1800 students in 5 small learning communities. Our communities include the following: Science and Mathematics, Business & Entrepreneurship, Eagle Leadership, Dorothy Height Academy of Leadership, and Mass Communication.

Grady High School- Requisition # 1403478

Located in the heart of Atlanta's thriving and diverse Midtown community, Henry W. Grady High School was established in 1924 as a school for boys. In 1947, the school began serving female students and was among the first schools in Georgia to open its doors to African-American students. The school is named in honor of prominent journalist Henry Grady and has retained close ties to the Journalism industry through the years. Today, approximately 1200 students have the opportunity to enroll in one of four Small Learning Communities (SLCs); Biotechnology and Engineering, Business and Entrepreneurship, Communication and Journalism, and Public Policy and Justice. Grady High School enjoys broad and active parental and community support and engagement. Students in grades 9-12 have multiple opportunities to participate in a full range of academic, athletic, and artistic pursuits.

Carver Health Science & Research- Requisition # 1403463

Carver Health Science & Research is part of the New Schools at Carver. The School of Health Science and Research is committed to academic excellence. The school's vision is to provide a safe a productive learning environment in which all students will become successful life-long learners and leaders.

Miles Elementary School - Requisition # 1403469

Leonora Precious Miles (L.P. Miles) Elementary School began as Bethlehem Church School in 1907 with an enrollment of 73 students. The valuation of the property was $800.

This was the first school for African-American students in the Adamsville-Boulder park communities. In 1966, the two communities were incorporated through annexation into metropolitan Atlanta.

In recognition of the efforts and aspirations of this outstanding education, the Fulton County Board of Education accepted the recommendation to name this school L.P. Miles Elementary. On April 16, 1967 this school was renamed and dedicated in honor of Mrs. Miles.

South Atlanta School of Law- Requisition #1403466

South Atlanta School of Law is one of the small schools at the South Atlanta Educational Complex. At the School of Law, students will develop students' critical thinking skills and social awareness necessary for students to be successful in the 21st century. Students take courses such as Forensic Science, Current Issues, Street law, Sociology and Criminology. The faculty and staff are committed to ensure that all of the students are prepared for college, the workplace, and success after high school.

Additional Principal Vacancies:

Young Middle School- 1403372

Therrell STEMS- Requisition #1403355

Therrell Law- Requisition #1403361

Therrell Health and Science- Requisition # 1403367

Fickett Elementary School- Requisition # 1403378

Bunche Middle School- Requisition # 1403371

Bethune Elementary School- Requisition # 1403377

The Principal - provides the vision and leadership to promote and sustain high academic achievement for all students. Serves as the school's instructional leader. Implements systemic quality assurance processes to ensure the retention and development of an effective
in every classroom. Demonstrates the capacity to develop and maintain a high-functioning professional learning community. Collaborates with principal colleagues to provide seamless K-12 approach to teaching and learning.

Performance Responsibilities:
Support and promote the vision and mission of the district.
Support the implementation of the district's strategic goals.
Oversees the implementation of the instructional program to ensure that all students have access to rigorous and relevant learning experiences.
Provide leadership for implementing, monitoring, and evaluating research-based instructional practices that provide the greatest evidence of improved student achievement.
Ensure vertical and horizontal alignment and articulation of instructional programs within the K-12 cluster of schools.
Collaborate with colleagues within the K-12 cluster and across the district to monitor, evaluate, and adjust the implementation of curriculum, assessment, and instruction to ensure the college and career readiness of all students.
Implement high-quality professional development to support student learning and improve teacher performance.
Collaborate with principals in the K-12 cluster to develop and implement a quality assurance process to ensure long-term effectiveness of the instructional program across the cluster.
Implement the district's Response-to-Intervention process to support a tiered model of progressive interventions for academics and behavior.
Lead the development and implementation of clear and attainable goals to ensure high levels of student achievement.
Model and set expectations for high levels of student and staff performance.
Provide leadership for the ongoing analysis and interpretation of student performance data to improve the quality of classroom instruction and student achievement.
Participate in a professional learning community of K-12 principals within each cluster and across the district to ensure a seamless approach to student achievement.
Collaborate with other principals to develop and implement standard operating procedures and practices essential to sustaining the effectiveness of each school in the cluster and district.
Supervise state and local standardized testing to ensure compliance with established processes and policies.
Establish and support a highly effective school leadership team.
Oversee the selection, evaluation, and implementation of research-based technology tools to support the instructional program.
Collaborate with other principals in the K-12 cluster to develop, implement, and sustain a highly coordinated and aligned system to maximize the coordination of instruction and support services for all student subgroups.
Implement and monitor state and local policies relating to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
Oversee implementation of the district's assessment programs.
Oversee interpretation of assessment data and results and ensure that assessment results effectively impact classroom instruction.
Supervise assigned personnel, provide assistance, conduct performance appraisals, and make recommendations for appropriate employment actions.
Coordinate, plan, implement, and evaluate the professional development of assigned personnel.
Model and require that all staff engage in practices that promote high-performance, ethical behavior, collegiality, and teamwork.
Provide leadership for the development of the school's budget, ensuring that budget decisions provide optimal support for school-based needs.
Develop a school-based budget that aligns with district goals and initiatives and supports research-based, data-driven school improvement initiatives.
Comply with the procurement department's policies and procedures.
Model standards for positive and supportive staff/student relationships necessary in a high-performing school.
Create and sustain a positive, safe, and supportive learning environment for students and staff.
Model and ensure that all staff members establish and nurture positive and supportive relationships with students and families.
Establish and maintain positive relationships with the community.
Respond to inquiries or complaints from stakeholders in a timely manner.
Represent the district in a positive and professional manner.
Involve stakeholders in the school and cluster improvement planning process.
Consistently solicit stakeholder input and feedback throughout implementation of the school and cluster plan.
Keep abreast of current research, theory, and trends related to effective practices for high-performing schools.
Applies knowledge of current research and theory to improve school and cluster effectiveness.
Demonstrate skill in written and oral communication, planning, and organization
Administers and/or supports the state and local standardized testing processes and policies.
Performs other duties as assigned by appropriate administrator.

Master's Degree or higher required.

Work Experience:
7 years successful experience in education with 3 of the years in a school administrative leadership position required.
Experience working in an urban school district environment preferred.

Georgia professional certification at Level 5 or higher in a teaching or service field and in Educational Leadership (A copy of the Georgia certificate must be on file or a letter of eligibility from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission may document leadership certifications from another state.

Please apply directly at http://www.apsk12.org/HRS/hrs_taleo.aspx?2042Nav=%7C&NodeID=481

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