Nvision Analyst

Company Name:
S&B Consulting Group
The Senior Analyst assists with day-to-day activities required in areas of planning, preparation, and delivery of financial and business analysis for the health system. This position maintains the development and support of data extractions for internal and external use and analytics for sound decision-making. A key function of this position is the ability to develop and build PeopleSoft Nvision Reports and PeopleSoft Queries and under specific instances combining the two. The Senior Analyst will work to standardize reporting, including financial analysis and business unit profitability analysis. The position reviews and ensures the accuracy of analysis, reports and projects related to measuring the health system's financial and operational performance.
Bachelor's degree in finance, business admin or related field required.
A minimum of five (5) years of experience in finance, decision support or data analysis, including spreadsheets, relational databases, various report writing and other software tools required.
Specific experience with PeopleSoft Nvision reporting and query development

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